A word in your shell like

A Word in Your Shell Like

This Unique and innovative project used storytelling as a way to dispel many of the myths about Gypsy Traveller communities.

Price: £15.00incl. P&P

Global-learning-through-global dates

Global Learning through Global Dates

Global Learning Through Global Dates is a 35 page book detailing case studies of particular dates which have a local and global connection and how schools can teach and learn about global issues through these dates and provide opportunities for active global citizenship

Price: £6.50incl. P&P


Think Global through P4C

Think Global through P4C’ is a 24 page book detailing stimuli that encourages children to think and talk about issues and concepts related to International Development. The publication shows how particular stimuli can be linked to global dates and so provides opportunities for active global citizenship.

Price: £6.50 incl. P&P

Cheshire Development Education Centre (CDEC) Global Learning through Global Weeks - A Practical Guide

Global Learning through Global Weeks – a practical guide

Get Ready! Get Steady! Go!

‘It’s as easy as that to plan and run a Global Week; read 5 case studies from Warrington project schools showing the impact of Global Weeks in their schools.

Containing photocopiable planning and evaluation sheets this new publication is a must have for teachers wishing to run a successful Global Event.

Price: £6.50 incl. P&P

Cheshire Development Education Centre (CDEC) MDG Publication

Going for Goals! A toolkit for teaching and learning about the Millennium Development Goals.

This publication represents a permanent legacy of a three year DFID funded‘Millennium Development Goals; Working with Cheshire Schools Project’.

The eight Millennium Development Goals, agreed on by 189 countries of the world in the year 2000, have formed the basis of the work of the project. Covering issues such as why going to school is so important, poverty, environmental sustainability and women’s health, the project adopted teaching methods such as Philosophy for Children (P4C) and Participatory Evaluation.

‘Going for Goals’ is a toolkit for teachers who would like to adopt some of the ideas and techniques that have been used successfully during the project. The publication features work from all the project schools and gives practical advice on ‘bringing the world into the classroom’.

The publication has been widely commended by teachers, advisors and DECs. CDEC has even received positive responses from Sir Jim Rose, DCSF and Gareth Thomas MP commented that “the publication is a very good example of how we can help equip young people in Britain to become global citizens”.

Price: £3.00incl. P&P

Cheshire Development Education Centre CDEC Promoting Race Equality Publication

Promoting Race Equality

This 20 page, full colour, document highlights some examples of good practice from Cheshire schools. It provides a basic guide to legal requirements and definitions plus a number of case studies and examples that can be replicated. It also gives some practical ideas on dealing with racist incidents.

Price: £2.00incl. P&P

Cheshire Development Education Centre )CDEC) Vale Royal Goes Green Publication

Vale Royal Goes Green!

A collection of case studies written by Vale Royal Schools about their experiences in planning and running an Eco-Day. The case-studies show the varied and creative ways that Sustainable issues can be taught across the whole-school in both main-stream and special schools. The excellent publication is full of stunning images of pupils work, comments from staff and children and jam-packed with ideas for use within the classroom.

Available to download FREE
or £3.00 incl. P&P for a hard copy



Cheshire Development Education Centre CDEC The Port Alphabet for all Publication

The Port – An Alphabet For All

Following the tragic murder of Johnny Delaney, 26 schools in the Ellesmere Port District were involved with CDEC in producing a global alphabet exhibition, which was displayed in the centre of Ellesmere Port in 2004. It was a stunning display of artwork and explored a whole range of issues. The words the schools chose included Peace, Diversity, Zodiac, Narrow Boat, Sport, Children & Celebration.
The work is illustrated and celebrated through the publication; ‘The Port, An alphabet for all’. This collaboration of work reflects how young people can work together to create their own response to the challenge of oppression, discrimination and inhumanity.

Price: £7.50 incl. P&P

Cheshire Development Education Centre CDEC Cheshire Voices Publication

Cheshire Voices

Stories from people living in Cheshire with roots in other parts of the world

Cheshire Voices is Cheshire DEC's first publication and is a collection of 28 stories from people living in Cheshire but with roots in other parts of the world. They represent many different countries and cultures, including two stories from Travellers and Gypsies, Cheshire's largest minority ethnic community. It is a positive celebration of the cultural diversity that exists in Cheshire.

The book illustrates how many links we have with the rest of the world and the need to value the cultural diversity that exists in Cheshire and the need to challenge values and attitudes that do not engender respect for that diversity.

Price: £7.00 incl. P&P

Cheshire Development Education Centre CDEC Turning The Wheel Publication

Turning the Wheel – Challenging Stereotypes of Gypsies and Travellers

A CD ROM photopack for KS1 & 2 for teachers

The CD features 30 photographs which teachers can use to challenge stereotypes and prejudices of Gypsies and Travellers.

The CD contains 23 activities which aim to develop pupils’ understanding and knowledge of Gypsies and Travellers. The activities focus on different aspects of Travellers’ lives; namely homes, lifestyle, challenging stereotypes, culture and migration. The pack includes background information and has clear links to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and therefore the Every Child Matters Outcomes.

Price: £6.00 incl. P&P

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