Lego Brook Street

 The Year 6 pupils from Oldfield Primary school in Vicars Cross, Hoole CE Primary School and Chester Bluecoat CE Primary School were treated to a fantastic Lego model of Brook Street. Last year when the children were in Year 5, they were learning about the stories of the street's traders and residents.

Pupils also spoke to the artist behind the model who said that the entire display had taken 4-5 months to create and included custom painted signage on the bricks. The famous mural on the side of the comic shop was created by sticking a postcard to the bricks.

The children were absolutely fascinated and had a lot of questions to ask including “How many bricks were used? What was the most difficult building to make?” 

The Chester Lego is on display in Chester Market which features so many of Chester's well known buildings.

As Alan Brown Headteacher at Oldfield said “What a great experience today. It was worth it to watch how engaged the children were with the model”

Vince O’Brien Head at Chester Bluecoat said “Our kids loved it.” And more generally about the project “This project is perfect for us as it presses all the right buttons! It is local to Chester, relevant to the real lives of our children, involves places and people in a personal and meaningful way, engages them in their community and makes them reflect on their own place in that and of course, shows them the nature of our city and the future they have as citizens. Perfect learning!


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